The benign effect of hydrogen–rich water produced by Olansi Hydrogen water maker

What Is Hydrogen Water and Should You Drink It?

hydrogen water maker

hydrogen water maker

Many side effects of radiotherapy are believed to be associated with increased oxidative stress and inflammation due to the generation of reactive oxygen species during radiotherapy. Hydrogen can be administered as a therapeutic medical gas, has antioxidant properties, and reduces inflammation in tissues

Is it really good for hydrogen-rich bottle? Domestic and foreign scientific research shows that a variety of human difficult to cure the root causes of chronic disease is free radicals, hydrogen has a selective neutral effect of toxic free radicals, hydrogen water on human health and disease treatment has a positive significance. Internal and external studies have shown that hydrogen unique antioxidant effect, it can effectively remove the body of free radicals, allergic dermatitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, hepatitis B, atherosclerosis and other free radicals caused by various types of symptoms are Strong control role, with great human safety.

Hydrogen (H) is the smallest and lightest element in the periodic table. When ingested, it travels throughout the bloodstream and—according to a 2013 review published in the journal Medical Gas Research—weasels its way into the mitochondria, the energy centers of a cell, and penetrates the nucleus, where the majority of DNA is stored. Once there, it significantly reduces free radicals—inflammation-causing molecules linked to everything from accelerated skin aging to cancer. This is no small thing: A 2010 study from the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition showed that when 20 overweight or obese subjects with symptoms of metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, insulin resistance) drank 1.5 to 2 liters a day of hydrogen water for eight weeks with no other dietary changes, they saw a 39 percent increase in an enzyme that fortifies the body against free radicals; a 43 percent drop in thiobarbituric acid, a substance linked to oxidative damage; and a 13 percent decrease in total cholesterol—results comparable to those of cholesterol-controlling meds.

Effects of hydrogen – rich water intake on lipid and glucose metabolism in patients with T2DM or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial was conducted between 30 patients with type 2 diabetes through dietary and exercise therapies and 6 impaired glucose tolerance. These patients were given 900 ml / d of negative hydrogen for 8 weeks or treated with 900 ml / d of placebo purified water. Eight weeks later, all biological indicators of patients with drinking negative showed favorable trends in hydrogen, and the results showed that intake of negative hydrogen water significantly regulated and improved Metabolic abnormalities; 6 patients with impaired glucose tolerance in 4 cases of oral glucose tolerance test returned to normal, these results show that supplementation of negative hydrogen water is conducive to the prevention of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

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