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Best Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Maker for Your Family Healty

Healing water or miracle water that claimed to cure health problems are found in various countries in the world. These locations include Lourdes France, Nordenau Germany, Delhi India, and Tlacote Mexico. But, what does these healing water have in common? What are the elements inside these water that give them healing properties? According to Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata (Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University), the so called miracle healing water all contains Active Hydrogen (atomic hydrogen) and Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen) in water. The healing effect is the result of the health benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water.

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What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water?

Hydrogen is called shuisu in Japan.That’s why hydrogen water is called shuisu water in Japan.And it’s also called hydrogen-rich water in other areas like China. That’s why hydrogen water is called shuisu water in Japan.And it’s also called hydrogen-rich water in other areas like China.

“Hydrogen-Rich Water” or hydrogenated water contains active hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants in your body. The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute to the development of illness and ultimately are responsible for the aging process. Our body takes in the H2 and convert it into hydrogen anions, H-. or commonly termed as active hydrogen. Active Hydrogen is a powerful anti-oxidant as it is able to remove the active oxygen in our body that is known to be the cause of many types of chronic diseases.Molecular hydrogen also has anti-inflammatory effect besides its antioxidant properties. Inflammation is a silent killer that caused many chronic diseases. Hydrogen has also been.

Hydrogen water is loaded with hydrogen molecules that can extinguish free radicals and cross the blood-brain barrier, cell membrane, mitochondria, and even the nucleus.

Because of its unique properties, molecular hydrogen has therapeutic benefits in virtually every organ in the body where it exerts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and anti-allergy actions with no known side effects [R,R2].

hydrogen rich water


The Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

1) Hydrogen Water is an Antioxidant and Prevents Brain Damage
2) Hydrogen Water May Improve Mood Disorders
3) Hydrogen Water Suppresses Inflammation
4) Hydrogen Water Reduces Muscle Fatigue, Motor Deficits, and Muscle Degeneration
5) Hydrogen Water Prevents Metabolic Syndrome
6) Hydrogen Water May Help in Weight Loss
7) Hydrogen Water Enhances Mitochondrial Function
8) Hydrogen Water Treats Diabetes
9) Hydrogen Water May Treat Metabolic Acidosis
10) Hydrogen Water May Prevent Cancer
11) Hydrogen Water Reduces Side Effects of Cancer Treatments
12) Hydrogen Water Boosts Skin Health
13) Hydrogen Water Enhances Would Healing
14) Hydrogen Water Limits Damage of Transplant Organs
15) Hydrogen Water Improves Bladder Dysfunctions
16) Hydrogen Water is Cardio-Protective
17) Hydrogen Water Protects the Eye
18) Hydrogen Water Prevents Hearing Loss
19) Hydrogen Water Combats Allergy
20) Hydrogen Water Ameliorates Kidney Disease
21) Hydrogen Water Protects the Liver
22) Hydrogen Water Promotes Gut Health
23) Hydrogen Water Protects the Lung
24) Hydrogen Water is Radioprotective
25) Hydrogen Water Relieves Pain
26) Hydrogen Water May Prolong Lifespan
27) Hydrogen Water is Antibacterial and May Promote Oral Health

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

There are numerous health benefits of drinking hydrogen rich water and now, one can easily enrich their potable water with hydrogen molecules with the help of Olansi Healthcare’s hydrogen water making machine. This simple machine allows humans to produce hydrogen-rich water at home and enjoy a healthy way of living by choosing to drink safe and healthy water.

Olansi professional in producing a hydrogen rich water. It comes with world class extreme filtration, remove impurities, reduces the water molecular size which allows it to be more easily absorb by your body and also contains minerals. Only 2 mins can produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be directly dunk and only mineral water or boiled water under 122¨H can be well electrolysis(Charging is complete no more than 3 hours. When charge full, it can work for around 15 times).

Olansi hydrogen water maker

Olansi Hydrogen Water is built in natural water filtration system that would remove all the impurity from water including heavy metals,fluoride & bacteria. The high quality water bottle contains bio minerals which react positively with water to create hydrogen rich. Filter out chlorine and other contaminants such as lead and copper, so your drinking water will be more refreshing and clear. Hydrogen rich water also called Water for Life, because it is good for our health. This Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle is made of food-grade PC material, high quality and safe to use. It comes with a nice drawstring pouch, suitable for home, office, traveling use, etc.

The advantages of  Olansi hydrogen water maker

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High end hydrogen water ionizer
Portable hydrogen rich water ionizer provides more healthy water for you. It comes with world class extreme filtration, remove impurities, reduces the water molecular size which allows it to be more easily absorb by your body and also contains minerals. Only 3 minutes can produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be directly drunk.

Safe food-grade PC material
PC material is non-toxic and durable. Easy to clean, effective to reduce bacterial growth.

Good for your health
Hydrogen-rich water is a safe and natural energy drink that has anti-aging effect. It provides antioxidant that removes harmful oxygen radicals from cells. Hydrogen rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent.

hydrogen rich water

Delicate lock design
Easily close the lid to seal the bottle with catch lock so that liquid never outflow. Small size is convenient to take it anywhere. Just put it into your knapsack or luggage box. Stay healthy and beautiful every moment.

Large-capacity battery
The built-in lithium battery is rechargeable. Full charged battery can support power for 12 bottles of hydrogen rich water. Colorful lights indicate the working process and it will go out when electrolytic process finished.

Detachable Design
The potable bottle can be detachable to three parts, lid, bottle and base. No hassling for daily cleansing and maintenance. Easy operation and Time Saving make it become a perfect gift for family, friend and the love one.


Customer Reviews

This is an amazing water bottle! After I discovered the health benefits of alkaline water, I started making weekly trips to the local store to stock up. It didn’t take me long to realize that those trips were quickly becoming inconvenient, not to mention the costs associated with buying so many bottles of water on a weekly basis. I then started to search for more convenient and cost effective ways to consume my beloved alkaline water. After doing some research, I thought this hydrogen water generator bottle provided the best value. After the water bottle arrived, I was elated to see that it also came with a nice carrying case. The last thing I needed to prove was the water bottle’s effectiveness on actually turning low pH or acidic water into alkaline water. To ease my mind, I ordered the liquid drops that tests the pH levels of water. I purchased a very popular brand of water and discovered the original pH level of that brand of water was around a 4.0 (very acidic). Using that same bottle of water, after sitting in the hydrogen water generator bottle for about 15 minutes, the pH level of the water increased to around an 8.0! I would highly recommend this water bottle as it provides a convenient and cost effective way to always have alkaline water on hand!

Working well. Good quality. Can use my power bank to “brew” it. The changing LED colors is soothing….

I’m not completely sure, as I have only used it 3 days. I am going to get an ORP meter that can test to see the content. Tastes good so far.

“I don’t know much about hydrogen-rich water. But watching the blue smoke fill the water and seeing the bubbles that form is very interesting to watch. The cup charges fairly quickly and is easy to use and to clean. The water tastes crisp and flavorless. The seller has good communication and service, which is always a plus. Everything you need to start is included (except water of course) so if you are looking for a hydrogen-rich machine, this one is recommended.”

This portable hydrogen rich water cup is pretty neat. Turned it on with the water inside and I see small bubbles come out the bottom. After that the water looks at but cloudy. To water seems to taste better after using this product. But I am not sure about the health side of it. I am assuming if the water taste softer it has to be doing something good to the water.

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