Guangzhou Based Olansi Healthcare Launched Hydrogen Water Generator to Ensure Healthy Living for Users

Olansi Healthcare, a Guangzhou based manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen water makers, recently launched their latest products.

China, 6th April

Olansi Healthcare, a Guanzhou based hydrogen water maker, recently launched their latest products. At the time of the launch, the owners claimed that the latest products are even more effective in ensuring health and youthfulness for their users than their predecessors. The plasticizer-free hydrogen water generator is unique and very different from the ordinary water bottles. The owners claimed that the water bottle would not only meet the daily water needs of a user, but also supply essential vitamins to keep them healthy and youthful.

The hydrogen water maker from Guangzhou Olansi is designed to provide the complete noursinhment to human body. The owners recommended 2000 ml of water intake every day and added that their water bottle can help the users keep off the free radicals from their body. One of the owners, Carlos Lee, claimed that by using the hydrogen water maker for three months, the users can restore vitality of their skin and reawaken their skin as well. He said that the polluted environment is primarily responsible for increasing number of free radicals in human body.

“A person actually looks ten years older than his actual age just because of these free radicals. Our hydrogen water machine products look simple, but the technology that lies within is very much sophisticated. By drinking 2000 ml of hydrogen water every day, one can easily remove free radicals and tasty youthful and healthy for many more years to come. Even if someone looks older than he or she actually is, they can try this hydrogen water generator for three months at a stretch to bring back the long lost youthfulness in their overall appearance”, said Carlos Lee while speaking on behalf of the Guangzhou, China based company.

According to Carlos, the process of revitalizing skin is as simple as drinking water from a specially designed and engineered container, but the results are really far-reaching. He said that the latest hydrogen water machine products are now available through their website and prospective customers can simply visit their website to order a bottle or contact an authorized dealer. Olansi has active global distribution partnership with many dealers at domestic and international level.

About the Company

Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment Equiptments Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of high-tech water makers.

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