What is hydrogen rich water &Should you give a try?

Maybe a lot of people will come up with tobunches of question marks when told about hydrogen rich water (also called hydrogen water).What is that? Is there such a thing? Why do we never heard of it? What does it do?

hydrogen water maker

hydrogen water maker

In real life, many families do not see the existence of hydrogen water bottle, or hydrogen water machine.It is because we all think that when it comes to drinking water, regular water is fine. In fact, drinking hydrogen-rich water is great for our body and the following is my understanding of hydrogen water.

What is the role of hydrogen water?

  1. It can activate human cells, has anti-aging function, removeharmful substances from the cell membrane or intravascular and inhibitoxygen free radicals.
  2. Ehance the human immune system and improve cell activity.Insisting drinking can prevent you from the cold.

3.It promotes digestion and excretion function, soften the blood vessels, activate mucosal cells, promote peristalsis, conducive to excretion, prevention and improveconstipation.

  1. It has strong penetration, can penetrate the vascular endothelium and other tissues.It removse the sediment, activate the cell tissue, get through the blood, and improve blood circulation.
  2. to improve gastrointestinal function, promote blood circulation and metabolism. Maintain the balance of endocrine, and promote lipolysis.

In addition, hydrogen waterhas a preventive and therapeutic effect on curing diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, cancer lung metastasis, rheumatism, brain tumors, skin diseases, headache, dizziness, blood circulation disorders, kidney disease, women menopausal syndrome, eczema, bronchial, thyroid, insomnia, allergy. It also has a beauty, weight loss and anti-aging effect.

So what is the difference between what we call hydrogen-rich water and alkaline water? Hydrogen water is made from municipal tap water by electrolysis, with relatively highpH concentration . It belongs to weak alkaline water but not alkaline water. And alkaline water is made from baking soda and other alkaline substances which later are dissolved in water. Even it shows the alkaline, but usually contain more sodium ions, which is not suitable for long-term drinking. So be sure to distinguish between alkaline water and alkaline water differences.

In this case how should we drink hydrogen rich water? Hydrogen rich water is supposed to provide human bodies a kind of reactive water that contains electron rich minerals, molecules of small size and low elasticity, rich soluble hydrogen, to remove excess free radicals within the bodies, prevent oxidation and aging. In the beginning of consumption, it is better to start from the lowest ph level 8.0-8.5, drinking less and more frequently. Once your body gets used to the water, you make adjustment according to your physical condition by properly increasing the ph level of the water and drinking frequency. Based on the suggestions made by Alkaline Ionic Water Association of Japan, it is the most effective if you drink at a ph level of 9.5. In fact, it is acceptable as long as the ph level of the water ranges from 8.0 to 10. There is no need solely going for high ph level, but fresh-purified drinking and long-time drinking are the most important.

It is been said that the vegetables and fruits washed with hydrogen rich water will become bright and fresh in color. How can we differentiate the hydrogen rich water from tap water in life? The vegetables and fruits we consume in daily life contain a pigment called anthocyania. Anthocyania turns to red in acidic water and green in weakly alkaline hydrogen rich water. The color of anthocyania tends to be stable when anthocyania combines with metallic salts to form clathrate. That’s why the anthocyania in vegetables and fruits turn to red if vegetables and fruits are washed with acidic water. Green and yellow vegetables become bright green in color when they are cooked or washed with hydrogen rich water. Electrolytic reduction water can be used for spinach, peas, Chinese cabbage and broccoli; while acidic water can be used for cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, red cabbage, egg plants, soybean and asparagus.


Can hydrogen rich water degrade pesticide if it is used to wash vegetables and fruits? More or less there are pesticide or chemical fertilizer left on the vegetables and fruits sold in the market. However, it is impossible to verify the real residue. The pesticide or chemical fertilizer can be mostly degraded if vegetables and fruits are soaked in the richest hydrogen water for 10-20 minutes.


Some people are not used to drink cold water in life. Can people drink hydrogen rich water after it is boiled ? The hydrogen rich water after electrolytic reduction has plenty of soluble hydrogen that is effective in anti-oxidation and removing free radicals that cause diseases. During the boiling process, most of the soluble hydrogen is lost and small molecule cluster water turns into bigger molecule cluster water, so that the solubility and penetrability are affected. Simultaneously, rich ionic state minerals react with carbon dioxide to produce calcium carbonate adhering to the surface of the container, with a result of decreasing the body absorption of minerals. Therefore, direct drinking is the best way for your health. If the weather is cold, you can slightly heat the water to around 40℃ but no higher than 60℃, as long as it is not cold tasted by your mouth. Or you can mix the cold water with a bit hot water. In this way, soluble hydrogen, the most valuable in the electrolytic reduction water wouldn’t been greatly lost.


Some may have asked whether the hydrogen rich water can be used for rice cooking. The answer is yes. It is because the hydrogen rich water is alkaline that to some extent it can decompose starch into sugar and promote starch dextrinization. Therefore, the rice cooked with hydrogen water becomes more crystal clear, soft, sticky and tasty. It is most effective if the rice is cooked with electrolytic reduction water with ph level of 8.5 to 9. If the ph level of the water is too high, it stiffens the rice. It should be noted that the functions of the hydrogen rich water like anti-oxidation, high penetration, and high solubility play to the fullest after high temperature cooking. Especially in making soup, the nutrition is easier to be released from food into the soup, so that it can increase the absorption of nutrition and decrease the loss of ingredients.


Life is all about movement and movement depends highly on water consumption. Water is a key element of our survival. The hydrogen rich water is the best choice for our future. The time of hydrogen rich water has come. Instead of waiting, let’s have a try.

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