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hydrogen water maker

hydrogen water maker

In present-day situations, people seem to be more aware of the diverse effects of pollution. Water is the essential component of the environment, and the pollution levels in the water are rising high day by day due to the unhealthy industrial discharges and various other contaminations, a lot of damage has already been cause causing a threat to our survival. Hence, a considerable shortage of fresh and clean drinking water is the most significant issue in the contemporary world causing breathing problems, asthma, bronchitis and lung disorders. Thus Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd has specialized in the manufacture of water equipment good purifiers and hydrogen water maker to help naturally obtain drinking water.

Hydrogen medical industry development in full swing, this period did encounter a lot of cases of magical effects.

In the daily communication sometimes also for everyone to introduce, but written in the text to be more careful.

Because the accuracy and scientific nature of the case are not enough to control, easily lead to misleading readers.

Taking into account the many readers, especially business readers and ordinary consumers, many times hope to introduce some cases, this can be used as a reference for the effectiveness of certain diseases, of course, there is the value of business advocacy.

But I first hope that we understand that sometimes the personal case is magical, standardized case reports are evidence-based evidence only, but belong to the level of relatively low evidence.

So do not over-reading, not simply extended to all patients just because a small number of patients effective or even very good results.The case can only be used as a reference.

The following is my content in the “Friends of the Friends of hydrogen” to see a friend to share, through the words to more people to understand. “Friends of the Friends of hydrogen” is a exchange of hydrogen use experience network app, if you want to know the friend, you can point to the original address.

At August 28 this year, I accepted a liver transplanting surgery in Beijing You An Hospital.Before the surgery,I started to drink hydrogen-rich water recommendly. At first, I drink this water a little dubious, intermittently drink for three to four months, about a bag every day. before the surgery began to increase to a few bags a day. When surgery need to check the heart and blood vessels, the doctor told me my heart is very good in the b-check, very clean blood vessels.But I did not put this with drinking hydrogen water linked together.

Five days after liver transplantation, friends came to visit me, with two boxes of canned water-rich water, after the doctor agreed to start drinking.The next day, I have been on the rise of the jaundice index that has declined.I was very pleasantly surprised, on this issue consult a doctor, the doctor that my previous jaundice rise is due to bile edema caused.In accordance with the law about eight days to get relief, mainly drugs play a role.

I recognized the doctor’s analysis, but began to attach importance to the auxiliary role of hydrogen-rich water, every morning and evening a tank, that is, the kind of high concentration of hydrogen containing canned water, and recommended my four patients began trial , After which my indicators significantly improved, the patient drinking this water is basically reached and I like a similar effect, the general response to jaundice down very fast, the indicators to restore the better. I was discharged 21 days after surgery, combined with the right amount of exercise, insist on drinking hydrogen source, so far in good condition.

My personal experience, hydrogen rich water is not necessarily almighty medicine, but it help to adjust body indeed. I personally feel particularly obvious vascular aspects. I do not know other aspects, especially for patients with liver transplantation have some help, I and Other patients with better recovery is the biggest difference between the more ruddy color, the indicators are better.

Above is my personal consumption of hydrogen source of a little experience, for reference, all my data can be found in You’an Hospital medical records, is true.

Friends of the spirit is worthy of admiration, willing to share this information, but also brave enough and calm, many people even if the results are not willing to share, of course, do not want others to understand their privacy is also fully understandable. In short to thank the friend.

From an academic point of view, I try to explain the effect of this friend.

First, hydrogen can reduce ischemia-reperfusion injury.Liver transplantation such organ transplantation, the entire process of surgical organs must go through a period of time in vitro blood supply, after surgery must also be through a recovery of blood supply and reperfusion process.Tissue ischemia and reperfusion can lead to damage, which is a very clear pattern of tissue damage in the 1970s. The main cause of this injury is the oxidative stress and inflammatory response caused by reperfusion.But in the process of organ transplantation, and there is no very targeted solution to ischemia and reperfusion drugs and means, mainly rely on their own and liver tissue gradually restored.Hydrogen respiration and hydrogen water on the role of liver ischemia and reperfusion, there have been a lot of research. The main thing is to reduce the process of oxidative stress and inflammatory response.Although there is no clinical research data on humans, it is theoretically possible to play a role.

Second, hydrogen has the effect of correcting jaundice and protecting the liver.

The main cause of jaundice is caused by bile excretion is not smooth, such as pancreatic tumor compression or biliary stones when the bile duct is blocked will produce severe jaundice, liver transplantation is mainly caused by liver edema caused by small bile duct caused by compression.

Hydrogen water may play a role in reducing the inflammation of the liver edema, alleviating the problem of oppression.

We have studied with the Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, a study found that hydrogen water on the bile duct physical block (similar to stones) caused by cirrhosis of the liver has a therapeutic effect, in which the jaundice index can be rapidly decreased.

Remember that we were very puzzled by the effect of jaundice improvement.

Because the treatment process does not solve the problem of bile duct obstruction, the theory of jaundice index should not be improved.

But the results of the study is objective, obviously there is a problem in our past understanding. Perhaps hydrogen to improve the function of liver cells, cholestasis can also be improved.

Finally, hydrogen has systemic systemic effects. Liver transplantation is a relatively large surgical trauma, the patient’s physical condition may not be good enough. Hydrogen may also have a certain effect on multiple organs throughout the body, which may benefit the patient after surgery.

Case discussion is not necessarily very accurate and professional, but can provide a wealth of content and research clues, is also very important academic information. It is highly desirable for scholars engaged in organ transplantation to focus on the field of hydrogen medicine. It is recommended that clinicians actively carry out large-scale clinical studies of hydrogen against organ transplant injury and further confirm this phenomenon, which will improve the clinical treatment and reduce the suffering of patients Important value.

Hope that more patients can come to the fore. Their health is just personal health, share health information, so that more people health is a higher level of health.

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